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Hope Lost…and Found Again

When hope about our child’s life and future is shaken, it changes everything.  Whether your hope has been gradually fading as you watch your child become someone you don’t recognize, or if your hope is suddenly snatched by an unfortunate … Continue reading

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Program/School tour checklist for parents

A checklist for parents when visiting a therapeutic boarding school or residential program.  (c)  Jeff Brain 1. Be open minded. You are seeking a unique learning and therapeutic environment for your child since he/she has not been successful in traditional … Continue reading

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This is Your Life – wisdom from the classic David Altshuler “This is the life I have with my kids. It might not be the life I envisioned, there might not be much champagne and less Greek in this life, but it’ll do.” This is Your Life Look, any relationship … Continue reading

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8 vital skills from a mother’s perspective

Check out this interesting and informative article from “Survival Mom” She hits the mark dead on.  We should all be focusing on these with the children and adolescents we are responsible for – both by teaching and modeling.

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Must Read for Parents!

Simply the best books on the market today for parents with children in treatment, at risk for out of home placement, or considering residential treatment.   Hold On to Your Kids, Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers, Gordon … Continue reading

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