Do you know a troubled teen girl? Perha…

Do you know a troubled teen girl? Perhaps she is struggling with depression, cutting or an eating disorder. A therapeutic boarding school may help. Please see the following informational articles. Teen Girl Depression Problems, Understanding Eating Disorders and Understanding Self Injury.

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  1. H.Hall says:

    Where are these types of schools located in Houston,Texas?

  2. Jeff Brain says:

    There are many appropriately good therapuetic boarding schools (accredited, licensed, etc) throughout the country. The Family Foundation School, for example, has students from across the country and a few international students. Such is the case for many of the schools and programs. There are two good places to view a broad range of these schools as well as related programs (such as Residential Treatment Centers, Therapeutic Wilderness Programs, etc). They are (an independant web-site that allows you to search by category, type of school etc) and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP – You can also consult a professional called an educational consultant for expert guidance and direction on school/program options ( ). Let me know if I can help with more info.

  3. Jane says:

    The article is really good. I used to be a troubled teen. I was sent to Turning Winds ( and after a year I went home totally a different person. No more eating disorders and was completely happy with my self. I went to see my friends and they see a different me.

  4. Jeff Brain says:

    Jane at – Thanks for the response. Its great to hear of your success. Please let me know which article you thought was good. Also, If you are willing, please provide any personal feedback or insight based on your experience. You mentioned overcoming an eating disorder. Any advice for those young people currently struggling with this?

  5. Brad Yomen says:

    I think therapeutic boarding schools can be great. I also think it’s worth nothing that those who have a strong belief in faith-based options can find real value in Christian boarding schools, too. The key, in both cases, are specifically-designed programs operated by people who care–and giving the kids the space and opportunity to really grow.

  6. Jeff Brain says:

    Thanks for this response – and info. You are correct and I appreciate your adding Christian boarding schools to the discussion. It is, as you say, all about helping families find the best matched program for their troubled teen. We believe that spirituality is a key element to true healing and recovery. Thanks for sharing the web site. God bless the work you are doing!

  7. It is necessary and helpful for troubled parents to get most of the knowledge on various teens problems because this not only helps their knowledge on various teens issues but also they can resolve some of the issues. As there are various result oriented places for troubled teens, choosing the best place is very important. Get professional and experienced parents tips on various teens issues, you can also share your valuable views that may help a troubled teen.

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