The core tenets of the 12 Steps, includi…

Anger and the 12-steps.   The core tenets of the 12 Steps, including rigorous honesty, are related to cognitive-behavioral therapy and share some of the same approaches for permanently changing one’s behavior. The 12 Steps challenge our thinking about the way we see and interpret experiences, and teach us how to respond to stress not in the heat of the moment, but according to our values and principles. The process involves not trusting our own thinking. This is an important concept in managing anger. The judgments and conclusions we draw when we are responding emotionally to a situation (i.e. the things we think when we are angry) often drive our physical reactions. In the 12-Step model, however, we learn to think beyond the emotion to a healthier, more adaptive response.

Read the entire info-article at: Anger and the 12-Steps.  I use a curriculum that I copy-righted for the Anger Management Group that I facilitate at The Family Foundation School, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens.

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