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Families Anonymous is a 12-step group for anyone whose life has been adversely affected by another person’s use of drugs, alcohol, or related behavioral problems. It is a powerful support for parents with struggling teens. The Family Foundation School, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens,┬ástrongly encourages parents of our students to attend FA meetings. If you have not yet checked out FA, I encourage you to do so. Many parents tell me how helpful FA has been to them.

Last night, two of our staff were invited to a FA meeting in Manhattan by the parents there. They hold an annual pot-luck dinner and invite speakers. We have attended in years past and it is a great experience for all. This year, a Family Foundation School student also attended to share his experience, strength and hope.

The feedback fromt hose in attendance is hearing our student’s story was very positive:

“Paul rocked the house! What a story… Very powerful for me to hear”

“Ending the program with Paul speaking was the icing on the cake. He was very good. Most of the group had tears in their eyes by the time he was finished. He was an excellent testament to the Family Foundation School”.

“As for Paul, we as his parents are proud of him of course, however we feel that the young man who spoke last night is a credit to the fine work of the Family Foundation School and it’s entire staff. His self confidence and poise are a result of the hard work everyone at the school who has only our children’s well being at heart. Our thanks to you all for all you have done for Paul and our entire family.”

If you need help finding a Families Anonymous meeting or want to talk to other parents, please contact us.

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