The college prep boarding school for tro…

The college prep boarding school for troubled teens that I represented is a member of the New York Boarding School Association. This is a group of 11 boarding schools in New York who share their expertise and resources to promote the quality of the educational and diversity of educational opportunities in New York. Our annual meeting is a time of professional development, updating on the new initiatives and programs that each school has implemented and working together to provide the opportunities for referral sources to visit and know about each of the member schools. It’s a unique organization in that there is a great spirit of collegiality and collaboration, as opposed to competition.

Most of the schools are traditional boarding schools but two schools are specifically for students with learning disabilities and The Family Foundation School is unique in its therapeutic, 12-step program for at-risk teens. As a high school for troubled teens, it meets the needs of many students who are not emotionally or behaviorally ready to be in a traditional boarding school. One of the tremendous benefits of the school is that students do not have to compromise their academic development. All the NYBS Association schools have great reputations for rigorous academic growth and development. I am proud to be a part of this organization and serving students and families with unique and special needs.

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