The Family Foundation School I came acr…

The Family Foundation School

I came across an excellent resource today that differentiates between therapeutic boarding and residential treatment options following wilderness. Although I summarize the various levels of treatment intervention for struggling teens in my article “How do I Decide the Best School for my Child”, I especially like the descriptions provided by educational consultant Leslie Goldberg of the Goldberg Center in her post “Therapeutic Boarding or Residential Treatment after Wilderness”. The Goldberg Center is a respected educational consulting firm that enjoys an excellent reputation. One unique resource is their in-house Goldberg Educational Placement Inventory (GEPI) – which is a free resource offered by Leslie and her team to help parents determine the best placement options for their son or daughter. The Goldberg Center’s web-site and blog are excellent sources of help for parents.

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  1. Palomaro says:

    Thank you. I am pleased to read your article.

  2. derekpm says:

    Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

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  4. Thanks Jeff for sharing wonderful piece of information..

  5. Bataku says:

    I would like to see a continuation of discussions on this topic.

  6. Marianne says:

    What does family do when they cannot afford a good therapeutic boarding school but need placement

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