In contrast….

This encouraging letter is shared to give us all hope.  It has been edited to keep the student’s confidentiality intact (name changed) and the other school’s name is omitted because the purpose of posting this is not to criticize other schools.  So, in contrast to those posting negative info, I invite you to read this letter regarding a student we suggested finish his schooling elsewhere because he acheived as much as we could offer.

Dear Jeff,

I am writing to formally thank you for the immense progress and change in my son Scott.  As I mentioned in our phone call today, Scott is a new person and I will be forever grateful for the moral values instilled in him and the desire to achieve a high school diploma, which he has expressed as being his primary focus, while he continues to work his program as a way of life. 

Scott is very articulate in expressing his needs and desires for the next step in his life outside of The Family Foundation School.  He understands his need for one-on-one instruction academically and is confident that with this resource and an environment that supports the moral/ethical values instilled in him through the Family Foundation School he will be a success in his endeavor.

Since Scott’s arrival at home there has been total peace and an enormous amount of dialogue between Scott, myself, his step-father and step-sister.  Scott’s communication skills have excelled beyond what I could have ever imagined.  He often speaks to the family about how he learned to deal with his emotions in a tactful and diplomatic way.  He is able to communicate his feelings instead of acting them out.  Scott is analytical in finding appropriate solutions to any concerns that may arise.

Jeff, the attributes that I have described have been evident not only in the home but in the current situation that Scott is facing at (his new school).  I wanted to share this with you because it confirms the effectiveness of your program at the Family Foundation School and Scott’s growth as an individual.

Scott and I were under the impression that (the new school) would be a good fit because Admissions raved about their academics and culture as elite in nature compared to any other school in (the state).  The interview process was somewhat rigorous and there was a great deal of dialogue that took place during two separate interviews with Scott, my advocate and myself.

I was confident after the admissions process that Scott would be in an environment conducive in the support of his progress and goals for his future.  Sadly this was not the case.  Jeff, it only took Scott several hours to quickly realize that (the new school) was not only inappropriate for him but was simply the complete opposite of what we were told.  As the week progressed the negative environment became more evident and Scott was truly tested on every level.  Scott experienced constant profanity in/out of the classroom by students and staff members, inappropriate activity sexual in nature, cigarettes are displayed behind students ears while class is in session and permissible in a designated  area on the school grounds and outings sponsored by the school to the movie theater to watch inappropriate rated R movies.  The supervision at (the new school) is ineffective or nonexistent.  Staff members tend to look the other way.

Scott independently researched internet postings dated 2011 the day before he would arrive at (the new school) that claimed there were drugs and drug use on the school grounds which subsequently Scott received confirmation of through his interaction with peers at (the new school).

Scott quickly assessed that this is not an environment that would support what he has morally achieved and that he does not feel safe there mentally and emotionally.  Of course through this entire ordeal Scott implemented the skills he learned at the Family Foundation School to cope on a daily basis and continued to attend his classes in a timely fashion.  Scott and I are still in the process of finding an appropriate placement where he can continue to build and maintain moral character and achieve his academic goals.  Jeff, your assistance in finding the proper school placement would be instrumental and greatly appreciated.

I am proud of Scott for taking a stand as a leader, not a follower and in pursuing diligently the goals he has planned of attaining a high school diploma and implementing everything he has learned into his adulthood.

Jeff, I am truly grateful for initially giving Scott the opportunity to attend The Family Foundation School and for everything that he was able to achieve because of the instruction, guidance and care of the staff and relationships with his peers.

Warmest regards,

AB (mom)

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  1. Julia says:

    I am so encouraged by this. I am in tears. It is never easy to send a child away. No parent ever wants to resort to something so dramatic. Reading about the success this student has had and the obvious gratitude and joy the parent has makes me so very very thankful FFS exists and that we were so very lucky to find it. Thank you for sharing this.

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