On Rollercoasters, Finding Help & Restoring Hope

The following is an excerpt from a email from a current FFS parent Tom C. regarding his son Will.  It is used with his permission and has some gems of wisdom that comes with experience.

I’m pleased to hear that your impression confirms ours.  I
have hopes that the experience with you all will give Will the tools that he
needs to have a productive life.  I know we cannot expect that he will
never backslide. However, knowing how to come to his senses and know where help
is and how to use it is invaluable … and, as you say, the fact that he knows it
works makes it much more easy to seek the help in the first place.  When
we got to FFS, his family leader said this would be a roller-coaster ride for
all of us.  And it has been … and the thing I fear most now is that this
is just the ‘training’ coaster … the real world will look like a monster from
Hersheypark compared to the school experience.  Yet, I know that without
the work that has been done in the past year, there would have been no hope for
Will.  I thank you all for giving us hope again.  Best to all of you,
and thanks for your caring, loving, faith-centered atmosphere.  Without
those qualities, no one can have a good life.  Now Will has seen it all in
action.  We will hope it continues for his lifetime.

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One Response to On Rollercoasters, Finding Help & Restoring Hope

  1. Diane says:


    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your feelings, I feel like i’m on a rollercoaster ride now. It give me HOPE that there is help out there…Thanks again

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