Nothing short of a miracle

When we left Steve at FFS on January 11, 2011, we could not imagine his going on to anything more than community college or some kind of training program for a trade.  To have him enter a first-class college is nothing short of a miracle.  You all have certainly done your job well in preparing this young man for higher education … and we want everyone there to know how grateful we are.  At the same time, we hope he will remain clean and sober as he moves forward … no small task on a college campus … yet, if you all have been able to get him ready for college in this short time … I have no doubt that he has learned the tools that will allow him to live a clean, sober life, too.  I think he has taken his ‘program’ work far more seriously since turning 18.  Somehow, that strange junction where one becomes an adult had a profound effect on Steve.  I think it was then that he realized he was over being a kid, and that now things count.  Thank you all for being there for him.

Blessings on you all,

TJ – Steve’s father

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  1. Julia says:

    Reading this post is so encouraging, and reassures me today. Thank you for sharing it.

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