Introducing Allynwood Academy

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Allynwood Academy, a name which corresponds to our new program design, will provide three different platforms of structure, choices, privileges and freedoms to meet the needs of our students both when they begin their journey at the school and as they grow and mature toward responsible independence. The Safety Platform provides intensive levels of structure, supervision and support to those students who do not yet have adequate self-regulation and coping skills. Its serves as a stabilization and assessment opportunity for new students who need that level of intervention. The Discovery Platform (with multiple sub-phases) provides decreasing levels of structure and increasing challenge to students as they learn, apply and strengthen new skills. The Achievement Platform is the most self-directed, providing a traditional boarding school experience. We anticipate that as student’s progress from one stage to the next, the tuition cost will decrease as they need less support and services. This new design will provide students with incentives for change as well as definable markers for their growth and maturity.

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