More than a name change – Allynwood Academy

What has changed?
• Lower and tiered tuition structure – costs decrease as a student moves from platform to platform. As students successfully manage incremental increases in freedom, choice and independence, tuition costs decrease as students need less structure and support. New tuition structure attached.
• Addition of the Achievement Platform which provides a traditional boarding school experience as part of our student’s transitional experience toward independence.
• Addition of the Safety Platform with significantly increased structure and support for new students needing an intensive level of attention as they begin their therapeutic journey.
• Enhanced transitional opportunities for students to experience new and growth challenging freedoms, choice and independence to help our students prepare for life “in the real world”
• Canine-Human Attunement Training & Therapy (CHAT®) – builds upon current canine learning theory, human and canine brain science and the groundbreaking work of Beebe et. that provides coursework and experiential learning opportunities to address a number of issues, particular those related to trauma and addiction.
Read more about these changes at or attached.

What has stayed the same?
• Exceptional college-preparatory curriculum and stimulating learning environment
• Individual, group and family therapy with licensed clinicians
• Relational model including family living and positive peer support
• Individualized service planning for each student
• Special education learning support
• 12-step sponsors and support for spiritual exploration
• Award winning music, art and journalism opportunities
• Interscholastic athletic programs
• The Bridge – premier college transition program that combines personal guidance with academic, therapeutic and recovery support to help students successfully navigate passage to college.

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