Stage 3 – Hope Lost & Found

Sacrifices & Courage – accepting the sacrifices that must be made and having the courage to take action

As parents, we are quite familiar with making sacrifices for our children; for putting their needs before out own. But the sacrifices that are necessary to attend a private treatment program can be daunting. There is certainly a financial sacrifice but there is also the sacrifice of time, the willingness to have others come along side of you to help raise your child for a time, to give up the comfort and control of having him or her at home, and the sacrifice of disrupting family traditions, routines and vacations. Most parents recognize that the sacrifices are necessary and has they would if they were dealing with a medical illness, accept the sacrifices in exchange for the healing and recovery that they desire for their child. Hope if free but there is a cost to taking action. But there is often a greater cost to not taking action.

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