Stage 5 – Hope Lost & Found

New Roles: Embracing your new role as an agent of change

Parents sometimes assume that sending their son or daughter to a treatment program means that their role has been compromised, or that they are being marginalized. Nothing could be (or should be) farther from the truth! Any good treatment program will have its goal in helping to strengthen your relationship with your son or daughter, and theirs with you. And to support and reinforce your God given role as a parent.

You have always been and will be the most important in your child’s life.  Sometimes that influence has been hijacked by others but it has not been replaced. It can be recovered.

Durable behavioral changes in our children, that is, changes that last after they leave the treatment program requires focused family work. Attending parent support groups, reading good books on parenting (see list provided in my May 31, 2016 blog) commitment to family counseling and even your own personal therapy are important steps to take.

Remember – the treatment program is partnering with you, not replacing or substituting for you. I encourage parents to BE involved, STAY involved and recognize the unique power you have (ironically even more so when your child is away at treatment) with setting the tone of your child’s treatment.

So, in addition to providing the means for their healing and recovery, you are also instrumental in their success.


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